I wrote this article to reassure those who hesitate to buy a SSD disk for their EliteBook 8560w being afraid of disk being not recognized by the system.

I just bought SSD disk Samsung 840 series SSD 840 256 GB Pro, installed into HP EliteBook 8560w and it works great, no drivers needed, fresh install of Windows 7 Professional 64 (it worked with Ubuntu too, but I needed to install Windows on this one).

Performance is exceptional, with i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM and this SSD hard drive, Windows 7 loads much faster than I expected.

Although installation and windows update took a lot of time and working with a lot of small files and waiting for other system processes did not get significantly better, booting into windows and working with it afterwards has never been faster.

All applications load lightning fast, Windows 7 Professional has a lot of services and processes running even when they are not needed and disk performance on this computer before installing SSD disk was very poor, computer was freezing and slowing down, even with new 7200 rpm hard drive. Installing this exceptional SSD disk made this computer very usable, almost no waiting time, i will append some benchmarking later on.

When installing Windows 7 x64 Professional (original package with 8560w), be smart and create bigger partition for C, I was greedy and and left only 30 GB for system partition, but Windows took 15 GB of my space, 8GB hibernation file, at least 8GB paging file, do the math, I needed to repartition. You may relocate page file do other partition, but hiberfil.sys does not work from outside of root of the system partition and on must consider that programs installed in future will take some disk space too.

Disk weight is 54 grams, it is also very nicely designed, feels like holding a plastic card.


Disk from other side.