Déjà Dup is Linux GNOME application that allows its users to easily and safely backup files to local or remote backup location. As a safety feature user may encrypt all data before it is uploaded to desired backup destination. You may choose to backup folders automatically or manually, set periodicity (schedule: Daily, Weekly, Every two weeks, Monthly), for how long the backups are kept in the backup location. Folders may be included but also excluded.

As a storage backup location, default options are Ubuntu One (5 GB free space) or you may install support for Amazon S3, Rackspace, … Other default options are FTP, SSH, WebDAV, Windows Share, Custom Location or Local Folder.

Encryption of backup files is optional but highly recommended for personal files, as it makes it safer to upload to remote servers or cloud services and you do not have to worry about their safety and trust unknown random employees with access to their servers.

A simple folder backup of directory containing about 15 PDF files, automatically encrypted and stored using files with .gpg suffix looks like this on the remote server:

Directory listing in Ubuntu One > My Storage / ~/deja-dup/computername



Déjà Dup is pre-installed on Ubuntu but if you don’t have it

$ sudo apt-get install deja-dup

Add Amazon S3 option

$ sudo apt-get install python-boto

Add Rackspace option

$ sudo apt-get install python-cloudfiles

Restart (exit and start again) the Déjà Dup application to see the newly installed  backup options.