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Pidgin - configure for Google Talk with and without Google Apps


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Install Pidgin

$ sudo apt-get install pidgin

Open Pidgin from Dash Home or from menu:

Go to Manage Accounts (Ctrl + A),  Add ... account:
  • Protocol: Google Talk
  • Username: 
    • If you are username@gmail.com user, username is the the part before @, so put: username
    • If you are Google Apps user with your own domain username@domain.com, put: username
  • Domain: 
    • If you are username@gmail.com, put: gmail.com
    • If you are Google Apps user with your own domain username@domain.com, put domain.com without the @.
  • Resource: Home
  • Password: Put your Gmail password here, if you check Remember password, beware that it is stored on your computer unencrypted in /home/username/.purple/accounts.xml file.
  • New mail notifications: Check if you want to be notified on new e-mail too.

Change to Advanced TAB:
  • Connection security: Use encryption if available (default) works just fine
  • Connect port: 5222 
    • If you have optional firewall or other networking security setup, do not forget to allow this port, in default Ubuntu installation, you do not need to do anything. 
  • Connect server: talk.google.com

Pidgin settup for Google Talk - Advanced TAB

Other settings may be left unchanged, this should work just fine.

Available, Avay, Busy, Invisible and Offline will work with Google Talk, by default notification sound is enabled, you may want to alter that settings. All the settings and log files are in /home/username/.purple/ directory.